Janey Wang

Janey Wang: Dr. Wang contributes to the academic field of public finance.  One of her papers, below, showed that tax and expenditure limits (TELs) significantly decreased tax progressivity and might also drive out high-income families who desired a higher level of public services.  In economic downturns, conditioning tax and expenditure policy changes to maintain progressivity in the system should be considered during the design and adoption of tax and expenditure institutions.

Jennifer Shea

Dr. Shea is Associate Professor of Public Administration and Associate Director for the School of the Public Affairs & Civic Engagement at San Francisco State University (SF State).  She also serves as Graduate Program Coordinator for the Master in Public Administration Program and directs its Nonprofit Management Certificate of Completion Program.  She has a broad teaching portfolio that includes nonprofit management, organizational behavior, leadership, research methods, and public policy. 


Genie Stowers

Genie Stowers: Dr. Stowers utilizes emerging technologies to engage students through her online class PA 757: E-government and other IT classes.  The online e-government class is very positively evaluated by students, who report enjoying its multi-media aspects, project-based learning, online team projects, and research assignments.  Dr.