Distinguished Achievement

Graduate Student Award for Distinguished Achievement

2016:  Amanda Akers and Kein Gilday
2015:  Danielle Horcabas and Jeffrey Thorsby
2014:  Brittany Lee Gabel and Suzanne El Gamal
2013: Marc D. Joffe and Todd Loy Higgins***
2012: Christopher Rosenlund and Jill Talmage
2011: Maria Cristina Saguisag-Sid and Michael Perez
2010: Gretchen Ann Vierstra and Naomi Rachelle Mosser
2009: Melissa Fox Kornblau
2008: Ravindran Subramanian***
2007: John Ruiz***
2006: Jesse Wolovoy***, Christine Luong, Katherine Webb 
2005: Susan Lopez, Bethany Taylor
2004: Rebecca Roth
2003: Ann Zinn***
2002:  Amy Beinart 
2001:  Shireen Lee*** 
2000:  Jennifer Bing 
1999:  Christopher Younghans-Haug 
1998:  Therese Knudsen
*** Subsequently selected by the College Dean and College Graduate Coordinators as the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences nominee for the University Graduate Hood Award
Overall Outstanding Student
2000:  Amy Beinart
1999:  Christopher Younghans-Haug
1998:  Therese Knudsen
Public Management Student
2000:  Kristin Burgess
1999:  Alan Gibson
1998: James Porter
Non-Profit Administration Student
2000:  Beth Thew
1999: Jennifer Bing
1998: Stefani Katz
Public Policy Analysis Student
2000:  Kevin McKinney
1999: Connie Choy
1998: Keely O’Callaghan 
Urban Administration Student
2000:  Amy Beinart 
1998: Nancy Gilbert
Integrated and Collaborative Service Delivery Student
2000:  Emily Davidow
Self-Designed Emphasis Student
2000:  Jessica Hubbard
1999: Michelle Weber
1998: Lisel Blash
Outstanding Service to the Program
2000: Juan Carlos Gonzalez
1999:  Juan Carlos Gonzalez
1999:  Emily Davidow
1999: Josh Russell
1998:  Lynn Barath
1998: John Cretan
1998: Juan Carlos Gonzalez
1998: Maya Hart