Prospective Students

Information for Prospective Students

Make an INFORMED Choice about the MPA program for you!

MPA Program Information

Workshops and Informational Sessions

  • Attend a Prospective Student Informational Session;
  • Attend a Career Development Workshop; email for more information
  • Attend a SF State Graduate Studies' Competitive Graduate Program Application Workshop
  • Attend Willie Brown Graduate Fellowship Informational Webinar (online only)
    • Wednesday, September 19, 12 – 1 pm
    • Wednesday, October 3, 5-6 pm 
  • Learn about our new 2-year public service fellowship, open only to SF State MPA Students and applicants. The first fellowships will begin in January 2019 and go through December 2020. Email for the Webinar link.

Helpful Handouts and Links

Connect with the SFSU MPA Program

  • Connect with a current studenand/or alumnus of the program.  Please send us your background and interest areas in addition at what point in your career are you – entry, early, mid, late/career-changer?  With a bit more information, we can connect you with someone who would be able to respond to your questions.  Email your information;
  • Meet with the Program Coordinator.  Email Dr. Jennifer Shea to make an appointment at

Test Drive the SFSU MPA Program

  • Sit in on a class and experience the Public Administration Program in the classroom setting.  Email for more information

Helpful Links