Program Dashboard and Performance Data

Program Performance Dashboard

Number of MPA Students and Degrees Granted



Percent of MPA Applicants Accepted By Program



Percent Admitted Students Who Attended



Student Completion

  • Of those students beginning the Program in 2008-2009, fifty percent completed the program in 7 semesters, 74.1 percent completed it in 10.5 semesters and 77.8 completed it in 14 semesters.


Number of Semesters to Graduate



Program Diversity

  • The Program is very diverse in terms of race and ethnicity (see Figure below) and gender (66.1 percent women, 33.9).
  • International students are welcome;  about five to ten percent of the Program's students are international students at any one time.
  • The faculty are also a diverse group; 80% are women and 60% are people of color.


Ethnicity of Fall 2012 MPA Students